number 4 is oatmeal oats is one of the healthiest grains that you can choose natural oatmeal without added sugar it can help with weight loss it enhances your immune system and stabilize blood sugar and it also contains a good amount of fiber protein and vitamin b-complex number 5 eggs now eggs are amazing for weight loss one big egg contains only 77 calories it is a superfood that is rich in protein healthy fats vitamins and minerals alright number 6 is lean protein having enough lean protein fuels fat burning lean protein also strengthens your immune system and repairs damaged cells while it also manufactures hormones number 7 is you got to choose the right kinds of oils choose olive oil or coconut oil instead of sunflower or canola or all those other kind of bad oils real olive oil is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants and coconut oil is high in medium chain triglycerides which are fatty acids that are metabolized differently than most other fats and this leads to beneficial effects on metabolism and helping you to lose weight number 8 is eat whole grains or wholewheat, wholewheat bread and pasta has more fiber and is more filling compared to normal bread or pasta people that choose whole-wheat products have lower risk of obesity and lower cholesterol stay away from any kind of refined starches where the inner and outer most layers of the grain are removed when they make the flour which causes it to lose its fiber and protein now these fine starches act a lot like sugar once your body starts to digest them number 9 is whey protein but only use it if you are working out whey protein is probably the best source to help you with weight loss. Why? Well because it is the most thermogenic food source let me explain it more plainly whey protein burns the most calories after you consume it I will link my preferred weight protein in the video description down below so you can go ahead and check it out number 10 is fruit research shows that fruit can help you with your weight loss journey if you have a sweet craving choose fruits because it contains natural fructose and fiber healthy fruits also reduces the risk of cancer diabetes stroke heart attack and high blood pressure the fruit that will help you to lose weight the most are berries and grapefruit yes there are other fruits as well but those are my favorite next is leafy green vegetables they include kale spinach collards Swiss chard and a few others now they are very low in calories while being loaded with fiber eating leafy greens is perfect for increasing the volume of your meals without increasing the calories they are very high in many vitamins antioxidants and minerals which aids in fat burn alright now that you know the basic kind of food types to eat let’s move on to lifestyle change number seven stay away from soft drinks like coke. Why? It is very scary how most of the world’s population became used to drinking soda every day it acts like a type of drug because it is addictive and just after 16 minutes it can deplete nutrients make you more hungry and also thirsty for more it is crazy to know that there is around 40 grams of sugar in one can of coke which is around 8 teaspoons of sugar when you drink Coke or other soft drinks your blood sugar levels increases dramatically causing a burst of insulin the liver then turns the high amount of sugar circulating in your body into fat drink between one and a half to two liters of water per day water is not only good for flushing toxins from your body but it also helps you to lose weight recent studies shows that water actually speeds up weight loss water contains no calories and it boosts your metabolism you have to read your food labels oh guys it is so important the food industry has changed a lot the food industry is there to make money and they are very clever in their marketing to mislead you here are just a few crazy facts that you did not know if you see low-fat or fat-free products it does not mean that it is more healthy most products take out the fat but then they add more sugar for the taste which is far far worse and then when some products say that it is sugar-free there are all kinds of artificial sweeteners that causes all sorts of controversy and
it may actually cause weight gain even free juice went from health food to junk food because the food industry started to add sugar and water they even add sugar to most Breads so check the labels for sugar and fructose syrup which is actually a kind of sugar from all the options of healthy food that you have choose and eat the food that makes you happy because starting a new diet for most people is easier said than done right so the trick is you have to learn how to make healthy food into delicious food that you love. To make this a lasting habit start with small changes and try new ways of thinking about food drink more green tea and coffee yes I said it coffee I know there’s a lot of people that might disagree with me about coffee but here goes unlike soft drinks coffee is actually good for you if you don’t drink too much and don’t add any sugar coffee gives your metabolism a good boost which helps you to lose more weight and coffee has a huge amount of antioxidants gives you a boost to your short-term memory while it also lowers the risk of certain cancers and diabetes coffee can also enhance exercise performance and curbs depression it even protects you against gout now some people believe that coffee is very bad for you but at the same time those same people drink sugar loaded