The morning is the most important part of the day, when you face the morning actively, you can be even better in the afternoon and the evening.
The first thing you should do every morning is to drink water. 70% of your body is made of water. So, it’s essential to keep it fresh. keep the body working
properly during sleep you typically haven’t been drinking for about seven to eight hours or even longer giving the body water first when you wake up is a great way to get your body and your mind going. we suggest you to drink about one to two glasses of fresh water and if you want, you can add some lemon to it. Lemon contains vitamin C which supports brain function your immune system and boosts your mood, in addition, it just tastes better than normal water. The second thing you should do is a simple three-minute mobility routine, when waking up your body is usually a bit stiff doing mobility exercises in the morning will warm up and mobilize the muscles lubricate your joints and increases your brain functions.

Exercising in general improves your mood your physical and mental energy and enhances your metabolism. you start in a deep squat and hold it for about 30 seconds. If you like you can add some smooth motion to it. After that you do the downward dog to cobra pose for 60 seconds, repeat this one more time and you are done with your morning mobility training.

when you do the deep squat, go as steep as possible without losing the tension keep your heels on the ground and duct your thighs keep

your spine straight tuck your chin and pull your shoulder blades together. The most benefit will come from small additional movements like reaching up
with one of both arms circling your knees tilting your upper body forward and so on. When you do the downward dog to cobra pose, you start in the downward dog position and try to move your armpits to watch your toes as far as possible you can also add rotations and shoulder movements. In this position to stretch the lats and your Bleek’s and activate the muscles around your shoulder blades from there you switch to the push-up position with a rounded spine and
continue the transition with the cobra pose and the next ended spine. In this way you mobilize the spine and activate all the muscles around it. In the cobra
pose itself you can also add some shoulder blade movements to warm up and mobilize this area as well. The last thing you should do every morning is eating a healthy breakfast, on the other hand it’s also possible to skip the breakfast for example when you do intermittent fasting depending on how you eat in general and what you plan for the day you can benefit from both options. A good start for the day are oats with water or milk and some fruits. Oats have a lot of important minerals and vitamins. They improve your gut functions and are a good non animal-based protein source. The complex carbohydrates
are digested slowly and don’t raise a blood sugar levels too quickly. Fruits and especially berries are very good to give your body further important nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants secondary plant components back to mobility.