how’s it going my gym less friends I got another no equipment video for you here alright so I’ve been doing a lot of
isometric exercises and for those of you who don’t know what isometric SAR that’s when you hold the muscle contractions without moving any joints so you’re essentially just holding a static position and counting seconds instead of reps in this video I’m going to show you 20 isometric exercises that are approachable for just about anyone they
require no equipment and collectively they work the entire body alright so we’re gonna start with lower body and
then work up to core and then upper body alright let’s get started with the wall sit in order to do a wall sit start off
with your heels your butt your upper back and your head flat against the wall and then step your feet out one big step
away from the wall make sure your toes are pointed about 45 degrees outward and are roughly shoulder width apart then slide down the wall like I just did until your thighs are about parallel to the floor at this point you’re just
going to hold the position and you should feel a nice muscle contraction in the quadriceps on the front or top of
the thighs as well as in the glutes hold this position for as long as you can making sure to continue breathing
alright that’s important a lot of times in isometric exercises we forget to breathe we hold our breath you don’t
want to do that on all the exercises I show you in this video make sure you continue breathing if you can’t stand up
at the end what you can do is lean forward and that will decrease the resistance and then you can stand up out
of the squat the sumo squat is exercise number two and in order to do this isometrically you want to stand with
your feet greater than shoulder-width apart toes pointed about 45 degrees outwards and then you’re going to just
sink down into a squat and this is going to resemble something like horse stance in martial arts what I like to do here
is dig my heels into the ground as well as the outside edges of my feet and what that does is it really activates the hip
abductors the muscles on the outside of your thighs remember to continue breathing and if you don’t save enough
gas in the tank you simply stand up out of this position like I’m doing right here that’s the ideal way to get out of it what you can do instead if you can’t stand up because your muscles are too exhausted is you can drop your hands down to the floor and then just come down to a kneeling position and the third exercise is the static calf raise and this is a really simple one you just stand up on your tippy toes but honestly it’s not putting the weight on your toes you’re actually putting the weight on the balls of your feet which is the padding just below the toes holding this position it contracts the muscles of the calves and to come out of it you simply put your heels down on the floor exercise number four is a static lunge take a large step forward with your front leg flat on the floor knees should be bent to about 90 degrees and your rear leg is up on the ball of the foot or the toes notice that the knee of my front leg does not surpass
the toes of the front leg that’s important so you don’t put unnecessary strain on the knee joint and of course
this is a unilateral exercise so make sure you do the opposite leg forward as well for the next exercise we’re going
to need a sturdy object like a chair that we can lean on and we’re gonna target the hamstrings here doing a hamstring curl so lean on the chair about one foot in front of a wall and then curl your leg backwards by bending at the knee so your heel is against the wall I’m performing a hamstring curl here by pressing my heel into the wall like I’m trying to push the wall away from me but also like I’m trying to push it upwards after holding that for the max amount of time make sure you switch legs and do the other leg as well because like others this is a unilateral exercise and this next one has kind of a strange name it’s called active beast and that’s because it stems from animal flow so a lot of the moves and positions are named after animals or animal related things regardless this is an extremely powerful yet simple isometric exercise so I want you to try this position notice that I’m on my toes alright I don’t have the tops of my feet flat on the floor and I’m also kneeling here what we’re going to do is come down onto all fours in this position palms flat on the floor directly beneath the shoulders your hips should be directly above your knees and what you want to do here if you watch carefully I’m about to lift my knees just off the floor maybe one inch or so not very far it only takes a little bit and what this does is it requires activation of the entire anterior core as well as you’re going to have to push hard into the floor to protract your scapula this exercise is great for building strength and stability in the prone position so I highly recommend it next we’re gonna look at an oldie but a goodie all right this is a classic isometric exercise come down on your elbows and forearms and then come up onto your toes by raising the hips contract the ABS actually the entire core the glutes and the thighs to keep your body straight press down into the floor with your elbows and forearms to protract your scapula that means your shoulder blades should be moving apart and here you are doing what’s called the forearm plank this is a very popular exercise in Fitness and for a good reason because it’s almost working your entire body next we’re gonna look at the side plank to target the obliques and hip abductors so we’re gonna have one hand on our top thigh here as we lay on our side as well as the other hand flat on the floor with the elbow and forearm resting on the floor to then raise the hips up off the floor this is going to come from the obliques and the hip abductors on the side of the thigh holding this position at first might feel a bit awkward if you’re not used to using your obliques but you will get used to it with practice it took me a while to adjust to it make sure to work both sides of course because this is unilateral and also if you want to make it more challenging you can raise that
top leg like this and that will activate the hip abductor more for the next exercise we’re gonna lie on our back we’re gonna have knees bent and feet flat on the floor and what we’re going to do from this position is we’re going
to work our posterior chain by activating our glue and lower back and when we do that we’re gonna lift our hips off the floor like this notice that there’s a straight line from my chest to my knees this is important to want to create that
straight line as you hold this position isometrically while the glute bridge is a regression that can be used by complete beginners this next exercise is a progression if you raise one foot off the floor and then put it up in the air like this and
perform the same exercise as before you’re doing a single leg glute bridge and what this does is it increases the
resistance for the side of the body with the foot still flat on the floor of course because you’re performing this
exercise one side at a time make sure you work both sides evenly and for exercise number 10 we’re going to lie
prone on the floor this means flat on our belly with arms outstretched overhead feet pointed straight behind us and what you want to do is raise your feet and hands off the floor just like this and hold the position we’re gonna
notice is that you’re contracting your lower back your mid-back and your glutes and hamstrings in this sort of hyper
extended position to raise the hands and feet off the floor Superman holds are a great lead up to back bridges because they strengthen all the same muscles that are needed for the hyperextension for a back bridge for exercise number 11 we’re gonna sit on the floor with our legs extended out in front of us and what you’re gonna do is you’re going to scoop the hips forward like this heels resting on the floor and then raise the hips by contracting your posterior chain specifically the lower back and the glutes you’ll also notice that to hold this position you have to
press hard into the floor and my fingers are pointing forward towards my feet okay that’s important when you’re
pressing down into the floor like this behind you it’s working your upper back muscles as well as stretching your chest
because it’s important that you open your chest and you stretch those internal rotators when you do a straight
bridge for exercise number 12 we want to be sitting in the same position hands right next to our hips and then press
down into the floor as we lean forward and raise the hips off the floor this is the floor assisted l-sit meaning that our heels are resting on the floor and assisting us to make the exercise easier if you want to make this exercise harder as you progress some progressions are to do a tucked L sit where your feet are off the floor as going to get into a plank position then you’re gonna hop the feet out wider than hip-width and then bring the hands narrower than shoulder-width from here you’re gonna bring one arm up so your hand is behind your back into what’s called a single arm plank
you’ll notice that when you do this you have to shift your weight to the side where your arm is on the ground and that
will challenge your core quite a bit so it’s a good core exercise but also builds a lot of straight arm strength and is a great lead up to the one-arm pushup for exercise 17 we’re going to work our upper back and rear delts and to do this
you need to be standing flat with your back against a wall from here what you’re going to do and this is why it’s
called wall tee holds is you’re going to raise your arms up to the side in the shape of a letter T stretch your arms
out away from your body and then rotate so your palms are facing forward now what you want to do is the muscle
contraction use your elbows and forearms to press back against the wall behind you like you’re trying to push the wall
away from your back you should feel a contraction in your rear deltoids trapezius and rhomboids as you do this
for exercise 18 we are back on the floor come up into a pike position like this but instead of doing a standard Pike
press you’re going to just bend at the elbows so your head is near the floor and then hold that position this is a
bent arm Pike great for building strength and the triceps anterior delts and really the entire shoulder girdle
and upper back for exercise 19 you’re going to lay flat on your back arms outstretched overhead toes pointed away
from you and what you’re gonna do here is contract the ABS glutes and thighs to raise your shoulder blades and heels off the floor into what’s called the hollow body holding this position like I mentioned you’re contracting the thighs
glutes and abs to raise the shoulder blades and heels but also when you’re in front of a wall and put your feet up on
the wall now I’m gonna pause here this is called a wall plank and you should work on this if the position feels difficult but if the wall plank isn’t too hard and you can hold this position for say I don’t know 15 20 seconds then you will want to progress by walking the feet further up the wall until your hands reach the wall and what this is called is a chest to wall handstand make sure to press harden to the floor to elevate the scapula and contract the ABS glutes and thighs to engage that posterior pelvic tilt this is a great full-body exercise and lead-up to the handstand alright and don’t forget that if this video was helpful to you in any way please help me out in return by hitting that like button right beneath the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel – the gym if you’re new and just stumbled on this video because I’m all about keeping fit with body weight fitness all right and with that said I will see you in the next video